Can you be convinced by a third grader? You might be surprised. We recently receive a set a student reviews from Ms. McPartlin’s third grade “Persuasive Writing” project at the North End’s Eliot School. The kids visited Pizzeria Regina, Mike’s Pastry and Starbucks and wrote reviews of their experiences. Our friend, Becca, brought this to our attention and enthusiastically said, “they are sooooooooooo flipping cute!” We agree and will post a few at a time in the students’ own writing so you can enjoy reading them as much as we did. (Click on the images to enlarge.)

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  1. talking about all the people on line at Mikes Pastry made me want to stay away. But the description of Pizzeria Regina made me change plans on what I eating tonight If it is not torrential raining…a stroll down to Starbucks for a hot chocolate might be in order sometime in the next few days. Great job kids!

  2. Kudo to Nico. Great writing. Keep those lines at Mike's so I can get into Modern. These students write better than most of the profesionals I read.

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