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Iconic Clock at Salem & North Bennet Street Goes Back Up

On the ladder is Gerry DiPrizio.

The large clock on the corner of North Bennet Street and Salem Street was put back on Thursday, shown in these photos by Phil Celeste of RMG Realty.

Formerly the location of the North Bennet Street School, the building is undergoing a complete renovation as part of the Eliot K-8 Innovation School expansion.

This is a good a time for a reminder that daylight savings ends this Sunday, November 6th. “Fall back”. Move your own clocks back an hour.


4 Replies to “Iconic Clock at Salem & North Bennet Street Goes Back Up

  1. So pleased to see it back up… I remember when it was placed there and dedicated in memory of Fred Carangelo who worked tirelessly for the youth of the North End…looks great!

  2. Ah-h-h-h-h A clock bringing psychological comfort? Yes. That stretch of Salem St felt barren and lifeless without it.. Love it.

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