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NEWRA Supports Requests by G’Vanni’s on Little Prince St. and Bricco on Hanover St.

Two neighborhood restaurants, Bricco on Hanover St. and G’Vanni’s on little Prince St., received support for licensing and zoning applications at this week’s meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

Pellino’s Restaurant, formerly G’Vanni’s, at 2A Prince St. has filed with the Licensing Board to transfer an existing beer and wine license (with cordials) to Franco LLC, Frank Pellino, who is the current manager. The new owner told NEWRA the restaurant would be operated in the same manner with an Italian menu. The closing hour on the license is 1 a.m., although Mr. Pellino said he plans to close before 11 p.m., even on weekends. Mr. Pellino said that he does not have a bar that would require later hours. A new sign will be installed and slotted windows will be added to the front. The name of the restaurant will be changed from “G’Vanni’s” to “Pellino’s.” Mr. Pellino also owns and operates Pellino’s Restaurant in Marblehead (

Vote: 22-1 in support of Pellino’s beer/wine (with cordials) license transfer application. NEWRA will write a letter in support to the Boston Licensing Board.

Bricco Restaurant at 241 Hanover St. filed an appeal for a zoning variance to add take-out at the restaurant. Owner Frank DePasquale, owner, told NEWRA that the relief will allow for the sale of regular menu items from the restaurant including bread that is made in a new bakery at adjacent basement space in 2 Board Alley. The bakery is currently supplying DePasquale’s restaurants and some others on a wholesale basis. The bakery’s hours are 8am-11pm and retail customers will be able to buy bread there.

Bricco's Frank DePasquale at NEWRA Meeting

NEWRA’s officers clarified that the zoning variance under consideration is for the restaurant only. The bakery was constructed under a separate building permit. Anne Pistorio asked that take-out packaging contain a statement to the effect, “Do Not Trash Our Neighborhood.”

Vote: 16-9 in support of Bricco’s zoning variance to add take-out. NEWRA will write a letter in support to the Zoning Board of Appeal.

NEWNC, the neighborhood council, had previously supported Bricco’s request and will hear G’Vanni’s on Monday, November 14th. Both NEWRA and NEWNC votes are advisory to City of Boston authorities that will make the final determination.