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Back to the Drawing Board for North End / Waterfront Bike Lanes

A new stumbling block entered the mix at the third public meeting where the City’s bike lane proposal was presented for the North End / Waterfront. Using a more conservative safety analysis around driveways, the reduction in the number of resident parking spaces is now expected to be 15-20 instead of the previously thought 5-10 spots.

The increase in lost resident parking spaces was announced at this week’s North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting. The video above includes the full presentation and discussion from the meeting. It also includes the latest status for the City’s bike sharing program which is expected to have a station near Lewis Wharf.

The analysis applies to a hybrid plan with a buffered “cycle-track” lane on the harbor side of the street and a regular “shared” lane on the interior side. A one-lane reduction in the southbound direction is still anticipated as part of the plan.

While the City is still expected to move forward with bike lanes on Atlantic Ave./Commercial St., Vineet Gupta from the Boston Transportation Department advised the consultants for Boston Bikes to re-look at the proposal given the mixed feedback received at the meeting.

2 Replies to “Back to the Drawing Board for North End / Waterfront Bike Lanes

  1. I would be 100% against removing even one resident parking spot for this initiative. Bikes pay zero to use the road that car owners pay to fix through excise tax. Are bikers paying for any of this?

  2. It might finally get the Segways off the sidewalks, though! 😉
    In fact, I would be willing to bet that you will see far more Segways than bicycles using it…..

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