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Final Segway Regulations for City of Boston

In response to questions regarding the new Segway regulations, the following link contains the final ordinance, offered by City Councilor Sal LaMattina, passed unanimously by the City Council and signed by Mayor Menino on June 24, 2011.

Ordinance Regulating the Use of Personal Assistive Mobility Devices in the City of Boston (pdf).

See this previous post for more background: Segways Still on Sidewalks Despite New Ban


2 Replies to “Final Segway Regulations for City of Boston

  1. The new Boston Gliders ads in the local paper are quite entertaining. Free Segway training for all "interseted" parties, a mini tour, some refreshments, so people can to learn more about their business because of "negative press involving many inacurate [!] 'facts' " and BG will welcome people "with open arms" and we should "Keep an eye out for the Segway Street Cleaning team."

    Now that BG is afraid it is going to be forced to follow regulations for the safety of pedestrians, BG is pretending to suddenly want to be a good neighbor and care about the neighborhood. What a joke. They should get this year's "Too Little, Too Late" award. Their hypocrisy alone is astonishing.

  2. A young woman who lives in the neighborhood went to the open house and blogged about it. It seemed as if she may have been the only one there. Allan Danley told her in the blog post that Boston Gliders had contributed $66,000 to neighborhood charities. I'd like to see the receipts on that!

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