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Trash, Trash and More Trash at 90 Salem St.


Richard P. sends in this photo taken Saturday afternoon, June 18, 2011. As we all know, trash in the North End is not supposed to be put out on the sidewalk until Sunday at 5:00 pm. As he mentions below, Saturday was the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup parade when thousands of fans came to the North End.
“I thought it was so outrageous that I had to take a picture and send it to you for your comment.  The refuse is raw garbage along with household demolition leftovers.  The rats will be out in force tonight. Is there nothing that can be done about 90 Salem St…it is always a mess with trash several times per week.  I would think that Antico Forno and Mercato de Mare would be absolutely furious.  And on a day when Boston was so proud.”

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  1. If you have a smartphone, you should download the Citizens Connect app. The next time you see the garbage, take a picture of it with the app and it will send the picture and location to the City of Boston. They will usually get a crew out pretty quickly to clean up the problem. Here is the link to the app:

    If you want to report the early/late storage of trash to the City, you can call the Mayor's 24hr Hotline (617-635-4500). I think it's a $25 fine.

    Hope that helps.

  2. It was there on Friday evening when I walked home from work, too. It looked like someone's moving debris. That's not an excuse – I've moved apartments within the North End and managed to avoid leaving a garbage fort on the sidewalk – but I'm guessing someone needed to be out of an apartment Friday or Saturday and didn't think ahead to put the trash out for Friday's pick-up. The lack of dumpsters can be pretty inconvenient when you're trying to move.

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