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Daniel Passacantilli Receives Jim Minton Excellence Award

 Essex Juvenile Chief Probation Officer Daniel Passacantilli
Is Honored by Peers with the Jim Minton Excellence Award

Essex County Juvenile Chief Probation Officer Daniel Passacantilli was recently honored with the 2011 Jim Minton Excellence Award at the Chief Probation Officers’ Association’s Annual Meeting at the Henderson House in Weston, MA. Passacantilli is a 40-year employee of the Massachusetts Probation Service.

(Left to right) Rita McCarthy President of the Massachusetts Chief Probation Officers Association, Daniel Passacantilli, Chief Probation Officer, Essex County Juvenile Court and Ron Corbett Acting Commissioner of Probation Department

The Jim Minton Award was established in the memory of the Brookline District Court Chief Probation Officer and long-time member of the Chief Probation Officers’ Association. The Award is presented each year by the Association.

“Dan’s leadership, dedication and contributions to the Probation Service have been an example to all,” said Association President Rita McCarthy, Dedham District Court Chief Probation Officer.

“I am humbled and honored to be selected by my peers for this worthy award,” Passacantilli said.

He began his tenure with the Massachusetts Probation Service in 1971 as a Boston Juvenile Court Probation Officer. Passacantilli later served as an Assistant Chief Probation Officer in the Court where he also worked as executive director of the Citizenship Group. In 1997, he was appointed Chief Probation Officer of the Essex Juvenile Court.

A 1971 graduate of Boston State College (University of Massachusetts-Boston), Passacantilli is a member of the New England Council of Crime and Delinquency and the Chief Probation Officers’ Association where he has served on the Executive Board and the Legislative Committee as well as chairperson of the Legal Defense Committee. Passacantilli is one of the founders of the Lawrence Youth Court, the first in Massachusetts.

In the community, Passacantilli is a member of the Suffolk University Institutional Master Plan Committee. He has also served as vice-president of the North End Union, Vice-President of the Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) and chairperson of the Youth Affairs and Manpower Committee at ABCD. He is also a founding member of the Board of Trustees of STEP (Sobriety Treatment Education Program).

Daniel Passacantilli is the son of the late Josephine and Al Passacantilli, owners of the Bluefront Restaurant on Hanover St., husband of Lorraine Langone (daughter of the late legendary Boston City Councilor Fred Langone) and father of Daniel, Stephen and Alissa Tizzano. He also the grandfather of Adrianna, Grace and Martino Passacantilli.

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  1. The Passacantilli family rocks! When I moved here, I spent a few years making sure people knew I was a good egg. It was hard. But for the Passacantilli bunch, they saw it instantly. They treated me like gold. This family has a special place in heaven. I can"t tell you how amazing it is to be an outsider and be treated like you have been here your whole life. Mr. Big Dan is a nice fellow, and I am happy to read of his distinction. The one thing that distinguishes this bunch from others, is their unfettered desire to give back to the world. God Bless them!

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