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North End Waterfront Health Recognized for Commitment to Enroll Uninsured Children

North End Waterfront Health successfully helped 1,479 children during the month of May, pledges to help parents keep their kids connected to benefits.

North End Waterfront Health was recognized today for its pivotal role in enrolling 1,479 previously-uninsured kids in health care coverage as part of a statewide challenge sponsored by Health Care For All’s “got coverage? Health Coverage for Kids and Teens” campaign. Through the dedicated efforts of NEW Health, Health Care For All’s statewide enrollment challenge exceeded its goal of insuring 500 children by working with 65 other organizations.

While Massachusetts boasts the highest coverage rate in the nation, there were still thousands of uninsured children living in Massachusetts before the statewide challenge. However, NEW Health redoubled its enrollment efforts and began to cut down on the number of uninsured children living in the Commonwealth.

During the month-long challenge, participating enrollment groups found that the reason many parents do not insure their children is because the rules are often confusing and they are not sure how or when to reenroll their kids in health care coverage each year. For this reason, today Health Care For All has asked the 66 organizations that worked to insure 1,479 children during May to continue to keep these kids connected to care by advising parents about ways to keep their kids enrolled.

The 66 enrollment organizations will receive educational outreach materials, including bookmarks and magnets, which detail the steps consumers must take in order to maintain health coverage. These materials feature actionable reminders for consumers to use, like informing MassHealth of mailing address or employment status changes, and when their family’s health insurance renewal is due. NEW Health has stepped up to this second challenge and will make sure families keep their health insurance.

Courtesy of North End Waterfront Health.