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Volle Nolle Receives Neighborhood Council Support for New Beer & Wine License

Volle Nolle, the sandwich shop at 351 Hanover St., received a 4-3 vote in support of its application for a new 7-day C.V. malt (beer) & wine license from the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC). Torri Crowell presented at last night’s meeting where a rare tie among the councilors was broken by NEWNC President Stephen Passacantilli who spoke in favor of the request.

Ms. Crowell said that in conjunction with the alcohol license, Volle Nolle will stay open for dinner and extend its closing hour from 4:00 p.m. currently until 11:00 p.m. The Residents’ Association (NEWRA) takes up the issue on Thursday, May 12th and a Licensing Board hearing is set for May 18th.

Details of the proposal, deliberations, public comment and the council’s vote can be viewed in the following video from the May 9th NEWNC meeting.

4 Replies to “Volle Nolle Receives Neighborhood Council Support for New Beer & Wine License

  1. #1: if you have a vote on this, you need to physically go into the establishment and acclimate yourself w/ the business. If, as one member stated, you are not familiar w/ the business, how can you support or not support the issue?

    #2: What's the breaking point for establishments w/ a liquor license? 100?, 150? 200? I'm all for businesses succeeding in the North End but she has proven to be successful WITHOUT serving booze.

    #3: OF COURSE she is going to say she would not sell the license if not successful. Do you really think any right minded person would answer that question differently?

    I appreciate the work put in and the time spent by the Council but…there were some real softballs being tossed her way.

  2. Give her the licensee, They have a great business and it can only help them grow.

  3. Torri is the kind of business owner we need to encourage. This isn't a bar, this is a lunch bistro, and it won't destroy the fabric of our neighborhood if Torri serves beer and wine with her excellent sandwiches and her new dinner offerings. I think there are three tables and a half-dozen counter seats in Volle Nolle. All the hyperventilation over this approval is a bit over the top, given the size of the business, the character of the owner and the number of beverages that will be served. I'm glad to see Torri get a chance to play on a level field and grow her business.

  4. This is all well and good but my statements/questions stand. There is such a thing as over-saturation.

    Only in the Boston do sandwich shops get a liquor license. Go to a suburb and tell me the local sub/sandwich shop can serve alcohol.

    I like Volle Nolle…but it does not need to sell booze, period.

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