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Segway Hearing at City Hall Questions Sidewalk Use

Adam Gaffin reports on today’s Segway hearing at City Hall.

“Matt Dailida, a Segway consultant, blamed all the Segway perception problems in Boston on Boston Gliders <in the North End>, which he said is in no way associated with Segway. Later, he called Boston Gliders’ operation “appalling.”

<City Councilor> “LaMattina, who called for the hearing, said he’s actually ridden a Segway twice: “I personally think that Segways are cool and kind of fun.” But, he said, he is concerned about pedestrian safety. He said senior citizens in the North End have told them “they are afraid to walk on the sidewalk, because they’re afraid they’re going to be hit by a Segway.”

Comments from city officials and police leaned toward regulations that would restrict Segway use from sidewalks, but allow them on some streets. Greenway Conservancy Executive Director, Nancy Brennan, testified that segways are not allowed on the Greenway parks, nor are bicycles.

More in Gaffin’s detailed post from the hearing.

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