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Update – Boston Public Library Budget Crisis & Potential Branch Closures

There continues to be quite a bit of activity regarding the budget crisis and potential branch closures of the Boston Public Library. Here are a few items of interest.

First, is a note from the President of the Friends of the North End Branch Library:

“Thanks to all our neighbors who are rallying for the North End Branch Library and sending your letters and emails of support to our elected officials. Please keep sending them!   In addition to our friends at NEWRA, NEWMA parents, at both the Eliot and St. John (and the Quincy) schools, are rallying and pushing a letter writing campaign as well.  This week the Citywide Friends organization is circulating a petition of support to keep all the branch libraries open.  You may see one of the North End Library Friends asking for your signature on this petition.  If you do, please lend your support.  We won’t be leaving the petition at the library (conflict of interest) but might be outside the library or you may see a copy at a local business.  Anyone feeling strongly can email us directly at and we will make sure someone finds you for a signature.”

I really appreciate your help.


Next, here is a list of upcoming meetings:

The next meeting of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library will be held at 3pm on Wednesday, March 24, at the Central Library in Copley Square. This meeting is open to the public; community members are encouraged to attend.

As part of the ongoing public process, four community meetings and one online meeting will be held in March and April in order to collect feedback on library services. The dates, times, and locations of these meetings are:

  • Saturday, March 27, at Harborside Community Center, 10:00-11:30am
    312 Border Street in East Boston Interpreter: Spanish
  • Saturday, April 3, at Codman Square Branch Library, 2:00-3:30pm
    690 Washington Street in Dorchester
  • Monday, April 5, at Honan-Allston Branch Library, 6:00-7:30pm
    300 North Harvard Street in Allston
  • Tuesday, April 6, at Curley Middle School, 6:00-7:30pm
    493 Centre Street in Jamaica Plain Interpreter: Spanish
  • Wednesday, April 7, at (online moderated chat) 6:00-7:30pm.

Additional special meetings of the Board of Trustees will also occur:

  • Wednesday, April 7 in Rabb Lecture Hall, Central Library in Copley Square, 8:30am
  •   Friday, April 9 in Rabb Lecture Hall, Central Library in Copley Square, 8:30am


A large demonstration against branch closures is being organized at Copley Square this Sunday, March 28th, starting at 12:30 pm.


If you have yet to weigh in, there is still time to get your letters of support for the North End Branch. The contact information and a draft form letter is at the following link:
Letter Writing Campaign to Preserve the North End Branch Library