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Segway Tours Start Receiving Tickets for Violations


The grace period is apparently over for Segway tours violating Boston’s ordinance passed by the City Council and signed by the Mayor last June. A neighbor cites a ticket being given out and sends in these photos in what appears to be transportation department officer (white car & badge around neck) stopping a Boston Gliders tour on Atlantic Avenue.

It is difficult to tell the exact violation, but that spot where the tour is stopped is between two sidewalks, the Harborwalk and Christopher Columbus Park. These are all areas where the new city ordinance disallows Segway tours.

Residents report the Segway tours have been using the streets more in recent weeks, although still often seen on sidewalks and in parks as well.

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4 Replies to “Segway Tours Start Receiving Tickets for Violations

  1. It looks like the Globe saw your story…

    They say that Boston Gliders racked up $25,000 in fines in the past 3 weeks. It doesn't seem to be slowing them down, they offered a Groupon today and the description of the deal talks about the tours gliding up the Harborwalk, through the Greenway, rolling through the Boston Harbor Arches and "flagrantly disregarding one-way sidewalks." They certainly are flagrant, but I wonder how much longer this can go on. I wonder if the tour participants are ticketed too.

  2. The Segways were out again yesterday afternoon driving on the sidewalk up Staniford St. to Cambridge St.

  3. Information about the Citizens connect app which was posted on the forum thread about segways by someone calling themself "Concerned Citizen"

    Download the Citizens Connect App from the Mayor's Office.
    The app works on Android phones and iPhones. You can take a photo and add a brief description of the incident and it automatically opens a report at the mayor's office of constituent services, your phone's gps can automatically report the location. I spoke to someone from the BTD and they said that they will see the reports and it will help build a public record of how the segway tour operator is acting in defiance of the city ordinance. As an experiment, a few of us decided to take pictures today around town running errands and photographed 8 different groups in just a few hours. If everyone did that it would build quite a record.

    August 6, 2011 | Concerned Reader

  4. Boston Gliders website in FAQ section "Question: Is there an age requirement? Answer: Yes. Riders must be at least 13 years of age AND must weigh a minimum of 100 lbs." Their tour descriptions "…you will absorb the sights and sounds of downtown Boston while honing your Segway skills on the newly constructed Rose Kennedy Greenway."
    The City of Boston Code 16.12.38.A4 (G) "No rider under 14 years of age…" (j) "tours shall only use the public streets or roads of the City of Boston".
    I witnessed two tours on Harborwalk at Fan Pier today. I asked the Security guard outside the Moakley courthouse if they have an opinion or have been directed take action regarding such tour groups. Nope.
    One of these tours later witnessed at Harborwalk in front of Childrens Museum. I questioned tour operator about his operating on walkway, which is not a public street. His response "Are you a police office". Mine "no." His, "thank you for your concern". He then had the arrogance to ask his tour group "Do you care" about this regulation. Before they could reply, mine response was that their opinion was not the issue….the city and Boston pedestrians opinion is what counts.
    I wish the violation reporting app wasn't limited to smart phones. I don't have one.
    I wouldn't mind these segways if the tourists rode single file and didn't speed about erratically. I was nearly hit last month while waiting in curb cut to cross the street. The tourist barreling down the sidewalk apparently thought she deserved use of the curb cut.

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