6 Replies to “Robbery at Knifepoint at Salem & Parmenter Streets

  1. Please – the last incident (the Nazzaro one) was fabricated – whoever posts this stuff; please be sure its real before sending the entire neighborhood into a tail spin………

  2. I agree with North End Mom about not making the entire neighborhood panic over a bogus incident. The Nazzaro incident was not the first made up attack in the last year or so. However, I am pretty sure that Matt posts the information he gets from the Area-A police as a service to the neighborhood. It’s not like he can search snopes.com to verify the story. He can only go by what the police report says.

  3. So, the nazzaro attack was fictional? or fabricated? why didn’t the police or someone retract the story?

  4. The reports come directly from the Boston Police. You can argue the seriousness of these incidents, but they are on the record.

    I know that the actual nature of the Nazzaro attack might be in question, but the report has not changed as far as I know. The police noted that it has been labeled a sex offense so many of the details have been classified.

    This latest attack victim on Sunday was a male. More information should be available at Thursday’s meeting (6:30pm, Nazzaro Ctr).

  5. From what I understand, the Nazzaro incident was a domestic dispute actually. Hopefully more info will come out at the meeting this week.

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