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Son of Winter Hill Gang “Executioner” Identified as Salem Street Robber

Vincent Martorano

Vincent Martorano, son of Winter Hill gang hitman, John “The Executioner” Martorano, has been identified by Boston Police and reported in the Boston Herald as the suspect in the previously reported arrest of the Salem Street drive-by robbery. Martorano is accused jumping out of a 2006 black Chrysler 300 to attack and rob a 26 year-old woman walking in the North End on May 14, 2012.

In the car was his wife, Dina, who told Saugus police that she was also abused by Martorano when the couple was staying at the Avalon Motel on Route 1.

The 41 year-old Charlestown resident is accused of armed robbery, assault and domestic violence. The $15,000 bail has not yet been posted in Boston Municipal Court.

John “The Executioner” Martorano pleaded guilty in 1999 to murdering 20 people before agreeing to work with the FBI. His testimony is expected in the upcoming Whitey Bulger trial. John Martorano refers to his son, Vincent, as “a bum” in the Herald.

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