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Police Nab Salem Street Drive-by Robber

Boston Police found and arrested a male suspect today who is accused of jumping out of a car on Salem Street in the North End last Monday night to attack and rob a woman. Using witness accounts and video coverage from neighboring properties, police were able to I.D. the suspect and the car used in the robbery.

The arrest of the Charlestown resident was made in Chelsea on Monday, May 21st, one week after the attack. Police found the suspect in the same car used in the drive-by robbery.

The attack and robbery occurred on Monday, May 14th at 9:50 pm in the North End. A woman walking on Salem Street was accosted by the 40-ish suspect who jumped out of the driver’s side of a black Chrysler while his wife stayed in the vehicle. Police speculated the robbery was to obtain money for drugs.

During the robbery, the suspect told the female victim, “give me your bags or I’ll stab you.” When the woman resisted, the suspect punched the victim in the left ear area causing her to fall down. The suspect stole her bags and fled in the motor vehicle toward Charter Street. The victim was not seriously hurt and discharged from Mass. General Hospital shortly after the incident.

District A-1 believes the suspect may also be responsible for a similar attack in Charlestown.


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