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July 2011 North End Public Safety Meeting & Statistics

Overall crime trends in the North End / Waterfront were down slightly in the last month, as shown above in the statistics. These figures were reported before recent July break-ins, including a second intrusion on Sheafe Street.

Boston Police from District A-1 updated the community on crime statistics and trends at the July Public Safety meeting. Attending from BPD were Captain Bernard O’Rourke, Sgt. Thomas Lema and Officer Teddy Boyle.

District A-1, including the North End, has not seen the spike in violent gang activity currently being experienced in other parts of the city. BPD is closely monitoring gang hangouts, especially near downtown clubs as well as their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Eight arrests were made during the period, many associated with the Bruins Stanley Cup celebration (car mirror breaks, destruction of property).

Motor vehicle larcenies remain the most frequent type of crime in the neighborhood. Back in the mix are break-and-grabs for parking stickers in addition to the longstanding problem of stolen electronics left in cars.

The Sovereign Bank on Hanover Street was held up in mid-June when a robber gave the teller a note demanding money. There was no weapon spotted on the scene. BPD’s bank robbery task force is investigating the incident.

There were no significant “loud party” reports recently, although police have responded to kids running on fire escapes. One resident complained about excessive noise from the “Ghost and Graveyards” tour that stops at Copp’s Hill.

Distribution has started of the “Keep the Noise Down” cards by police on the streets. Reaction has been mixed with some recipients simply dismissive of the effort. Police are using them when groups of people gather at common spots, such as the corner of Prince and Salem Streets. (See “Keep the Noise Down” Cards to be Handed Out in the North End by Boston Police.)

In answer to a question on Segway tours, Captain O’Rourke referenced the new regulations passed by the City of Boston banning them from sidewalks and parks. However, the Captain referred to an informal grace period until implementation details are worked out between the tour companies and Boston Transportation Department. (See Segways Still on Sidewalks Despite New Ban.)

BPD officers are taking their basketball game to the neighborhoods. The North End was the first community for the new series. Police won the game, although the primary goal is interaction between police and neighborhood teens. (See BPD District A-1 Officers Take the Win Against North End Teens in Basketball Game.) District A-1 has also played in Charlestown where the teens won the game.

The Public Safety Committee takes August off and will next meet on Thursday, September 1, 2011, 6:30pm at the Nazzaro Center. Meetings are open to the public.