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Governor Vetos Bill That Would Keep Open North End’s Stanza dei Sigari

After leading a bill through the State House to keep open cigar bars past 2018, Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Senator Anthony Petruccelli ran into a gubernatorial veto this week. In the North End, the bill relates to cigar bar Stanza dei Sigari, located at 292 Hanover Street. This is the second time Governor Patrick has vetoed the measure.

In 2008, the City of Boston had ordered the cigar bars to close by 2018 as part of the City’s smoking ban in bars and restaurants. In addition to Mayor Menino and the Public Health Commission, the ban is supported by the American Cancer Society.

There are three cigar bars in Boston and four hookah lounges. In the North End, Stanza dei Sigari is the only bar where patrons can legally smoke and drink at the same time. In the Back Bay, Cigar Masters operates on Boylston Street.

One Reply to “Governor Vetos Bill That Would Keep Open North End’s Stanza dei Sigari

  1. Seriously??!!! I'm a non-smoker! I hate smoking! I'm so very happy that it has been banned in restaurants and bars. I love going home with clean smelling clothes and hair. HOWEVER, Stanza is a great bar and its patrons love it! I don't smoke, so I don't frequent it. I'm a grown-up, I have a choice! People have the choice as to whether they want to smoke, and since it's not harming us non-smokers, there's no reason to close Stanza dei Sigari. Perhaps a petition would help? It's a great, well loved local business and should be preserved as such.

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