Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Not Running for Petruccelli’s State Senate Seat

State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz (NEWF photo)

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz has decided to stay in the House of Representatives and not run for the State Senate seat being vacated by Anthony Petruccelli. Michlewitz was considered one of the favorites to win the Senate seat in an upcoming Special Election next Spring.

“After much discussion with family, friends and supporters, I have decided to forgo a run for the Massachusetts State Senate. The honor and consideration of running for such an important seat is currently outweighed by the challenging and important work I am facing in my current district and in my role as the House Chairman of Financial Services,” said Michlewitz.

With the announcement, Michlewitz ends speculation that he would seek the open State Senate seat vacated by Massachusetts State Senator Anthony Petruccelli, who recently announced he would be stepping down to pursue a role in government relations and lobbying in the private sector.

Michlewitz was clear in a follow up phone conversation that he will will run for re-election next year for another 2-year term in the House, representing the Third Suffolk District (North End, South End, parts of Chinatown and Downtown Boston). Michlewitz has held the House seat since 2008 after winning a special election following the resignation of former House Speaker Sal DiMasi.

“I could not be happier right now, serving as part of Speaker DeLeo’s leadership team and working on such important issues as helping to reduce health care costs, overseeing our Commonwealth’s banking and financial regulations, and encouraging new and emerging technologies while ensuring consumer protection and the public’s safety with companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb”, added the Representative.

“I was humbled and honored to receive so much support and interest from people all over Senator Petruccelli’s district in recent days, but I am focused on the tasks in front of me now and I am looking forward to running for re-election for State Representative next year,” concluded Michlewitz.

4 Replies to “Rep. Aaron Michlewitz Not Running for Petruccelli’s State Senate Seat

  1. vacating his seat to become a lobbyist? evolving door for politicians becoming lobbyists needs to stop!

    1. Anthony has young children. Time for him to start thinking about how he will pay for their education. you should be thanking him for his many years of service and wishing him luck not condemning him. By the way it is REVOLVING door not Evolving door..

    2. Rob” Do you know the reason for his departure? Do you know how old his children are? Do you know the staggering amount of $$$ to put children through school and college? Do you think you know the real reason or enough about his life?
      Do you have a right to judge him? No.

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