Skating Lessons Starting at Steriti Rink

Skating lessons start the week of November 14th at the Steriti Rink, 561 Commercial Street.

Classes are ‘Tots’ (3 to 5 yr old beginners), ‘Youth Beginner’ (generally 6+ years), ‘Basic’ (6 + years  for those who have learned the basics), and ‘Adults’. Lessons are once per week for 40 minutes.  Choice of four class days: Sat (1PM), Sunday (1PM) Wed (6PM), and Thursday (5PM).  There are three session
and the last lesson w/o March 11th.  There is a discount if you sign up by Nov 30th for all three sessions.

Winter gloves (not necessarily hockey but something to protect the hands) and helmets are required for kids. For more information, contact Jackie Harris at the Boston Common Skating School to request a brochure (electronic or otherwise). Her info is: 781.267.6870 or