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Seaport District Master Plan Remains Unfulfilled

Nearly ten years ago, a master plan was developed for the Seaport District, including a residential component that was supposed to fill about one-third of the area. From the perspective of the densely residential North End/Waterfront neighborhood, it is interesting to watch the changing direction of the South Boston Waterfront.


Ten years later, the Seaport District master development plan yet to be realized. (Click thumbnail to see full images at

Ten years later, the master development plan shown here has yet to be realized. (Source: WBUR) updates the progress of the area. “The piecemeal building taking place makes the Seaport look like a suburban office park. Vivian Lee of the Boston Harbor Association said the goal of a residential neighborhood seems to be lost, because “by moving away from that goal it really undermines the ability to support some of the retail so it will over the long term have a domino effect.”

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