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Celebrate Children of Addictions Week with Ice Skating at the Steriti Rink

Join neighbors and friends for an ice skating party hosted by Families Facing Addiction and Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (COASA) on Saturday, 2/17 at 3pm at the Steriti Rink.

Learn more about Children of Addictions Week and see the full event flyer below.

The week of Valentine’s Day was declared Children of Alcoholics Week over 30 years ago by Congress. COASA (Children of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse) at the Robert F Kennedy Children’s Action Corps is the Massachusetts affiliate to NACOA, the National Association for Children of Addiction. This program offers support, guidance, coaching and services for these children and their family members.

Each year the COASA writes a proclamation and submits it to the Boston Mayor’s Office for his signature. Empowering these children and encouraging them to talk, trust and share the impact of familial alcohol and/or other substance-use disorders in their lives increases their resilience and can extend their longevity. Recognition of the stigma associated with this illness in families and learning that recovery is an ongoing process contributes to healthy, hopeful futures for us all.

See the Mayor’s Office proclamation below.

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  1. It was a wonderful party, so much fun watching children and adults skate, laugh and relax. Thank you to everyone who provided this day and thank you to the children and families who participated.
    Susanne Irving

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