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  1. Wow talk about an inaccurate report !

    Haymarket is not a farmers’ market. It is not fresh, is is not local. It was harvested across the globe a long time before it is sold. It is what was left over at the wholesalers in the produce market.

    And, Boston taxpayers are paying to clean up after it. The least they can do is clean up after themselves. 100% of the cost of cleanup should be transferred to the Haymarket vendors.

    What do the Haymarket vendors pay for rent on that space? I know the farmers have to pay rent for the spaces where they bring high quality produce to city dwellers. That is a real service to us. Farmers bring fresh food that is very high quality, filled with nutrition, and that will last far longer than leftovers.

  2. Haymarket has been in operation for around 100 years. It never claimed to be a "farmers market" but rather a produce market where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at affordable (and often really cheap prices) to people from Boston and the Boston metro area who might not otherwise be able to afford to buy it. Not everyone can afford the so called "local" produce at the farmer’s markets.

    I agree that the Haymarket vendors should do a better job of cleaning up after themselves. Whatever agreement that exists between the Haymarket vendors and the City of Boston should probably be reviewed and amended during the next negotiations, But stop comparing high end "farmers markets" where tomatoes are $5.00/lb to the people who sell affordable produce to anyone who wants to shop there.

  3. Thanks, Joyce. I have never had a problem cooking a variety of Italian and French vegetable dishes at an affordable price by shopping at Haymarket. Penny needed your two cents! A good strategy to save money is to cook what you find in great condition and freeze individual containers. I do this with everything from sausage and peppers to mashed yams with garlic, onions and provicial herbs, from tomato sauces to multi vegetable sautees. Some I cook to 85% and feeeze. I also freeze individual chicken breasts when they are 99 cents per pound. We’re not all made of money. Keeping Haymarket affordable should be the goal.


    Bo Kuderien

  4. Yeah I agree with Bo, but you cannot always keep stuff frozen for long. There are obviously expiries, change in taste, deteriration in quality and a lot more health hazards as per researches today.

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