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Boston Public Works Explains New Trash / Street Sweeping Schedule for the North End

Brian Coughlin, Superintendent of Waste Reduction for the City of Boston Department of Public Works joined the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association June meeting to discuss changes to the city’s trash and recycling pick-up, beginning July 1st.

Starting July 1, Capital Waste will return to Boston as the City’s trash collector. Trash pick-up will begin at 6 a.m., one hour earlier than the current schedule. This will hopefully ease congestion on the roads, eliminating the 2-4 hour delays trash trucks are currently experiencing.

Additionally, the North End’s Friday morning collection is being moved to Thursday, and street sweeping will switch to Friday. Coughlin explained that this will allow street sweepers to collect any small trash that has ended up against the curb after trash day. This will also ease the weekend delivery truck traffic. There won’t be any garbage trucks adding to the congestion, and there won’t be trash bags on the street, so delivery trucks can pull right up to the curb.

Stickers will be put on all the street sweeping signs on June 30 to change Thursday sweeping to Friday.

A conversation began at 8:42 about the selection of the vendor. Capital Waste was working in the city five years ago, and their contract was not renewed at that time. Coughlin explained that there were only two bids on the trash collection job, and one bid on the recycling job.

Concerns were raised about more residents putting their trash out the night before with the earlier start time. Coughlin stated that many people already put their trash out at night, and while in an ideal world he could tell residents exactly when the trucks will be there, it’s not realistic. He explained that the trash will now be off the streets sooner on pick-up day. One resident suggested a one hour window be given to residents for when the trash will be collected. Coughlin stated they can work toward this.

A suggestion was made to have the recycling picked up first, because it’s less likely to attract rats, and then have the trash picked up later so residents can put it out in the morning.

Kirsten Hoffman raised the issue of infested trash barrels on Morton Street. Businesses on Salem Street have been given permission from the city to store their trash along this alleyway, causing flies to swarm in Cutillo Park. Coughlin said he would have code enforcement investigate. There has also be an officer placed at Bartlett Place, at the intersection of Salem and Parmenter Streets, to enforce trash policies in this area.

Finally, Coughlin confirmed there will be trash pick-up on July 4.