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North End Library Dedicates “Honors Walkway”

The Friends of the North End Branch Library are very proud of their new "Honors Walkway" and want to share the good news of...

Dizzying Development Discussion At Greenway Meeting

It was a whirlwind tour of potential Greenway development projects at the October 20th meeting of the Greenway Leadership Council (GLC). The tour director...

Toilet Trash on Freedom Trail

Tom Schiavoni sends in this picture and comment: COPP’S HILL MOMENT: A Clean Street Initiative Down the Tubes Since October 20, this illegally-discarded toilet bowel has...

“Old Ironsides” Sails for 212th Birthday

Click image to view Boston Herald's Photo Gallery. (Photo by Mark Garfinkel)SHOTS FIRED! No, that is not from a police report. It was from...

Pumpkin Painting on the Prado

From NEMPAC (North End Music and Performing Arts Center): PAINTING PUMPKINS ON THE PRADO Thursday, 10/22 3-5pm Here's the details: Who:  You and your kid(s) What:  Painting Pumpkins on...

Trash Compactors to be Installed on Parcel 9

At the October 19th Neighborhood Council meeting, Peter Gori of the Boston Redevelopment Authority announced that trash compactors would soon be installed on Parcel...

NEWNC “Tables” Confusing Plan for Cross Street Sidewalk Area

The North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) had a perplexing discussion at its October meeting regarding the proposed sidewalk plan in front of the former...

NEWNC Goes Bananas; 10-0 in Support

At Monday's North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting, the council voted 10-0 in support of  "Go Bananas" produce market to move across the street to...

Nunzio’s Pizzeria Applies For Outdoor Patio

The North End/Waterfront groups don't cover on the other side of Surface Road, but folks in Harbor Towers and Rowes Wharf might be interested...

Lovejoy Wharf – Still Looking for Love

A news report is out this morning saying that the owners of Lovejoy Wharf, near North Station, are throwing in the towel, or at...

NEMPAC Film Festival To Feature North End/Waterfront Residents


The first annual North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) Film & Music Festival will feature a collection of performances from North End/Waterfront residents. The festival will screen a short film entitled “Viva! Saint Agrippina Di Mineo” that documents the Saint Agrippina Feast, owner of the Wild Goose and North End resident, Sal D’Girolamo, plays the lead role in short film The Audition, and North End musicians Jeremy Sazranzo, Gary Fieldman and Sandro Carella will perform in the band, Crosstown.  The event will take place this Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00pm at the Hard Rock Café Boston located on 22-24 Clinton St.

Along with the above performances of North End/Waterfront residents, there will be seven other short films screened at the festival and there will also be two other musical performances from jazz musician, Harvey Diamond, and NEMPAC Instructor, Greg de Bourgknecht. Along with the film screenings and musical performances, the event will include question & answer sessions with the filmmakers, cast and crew and there will be a special guest appearances from local filmmakers, Dave McGlaughlin and Frank Ciotta.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the door with cash or credit card for $10 or they can be purchased in advance by calling NEMPAC at (617) 227-2270.   All proceeds from tickets sales will go directly toward supporting NEMPAC’s mission of providing affordable arts-related programming to residents of the North End/Waterfront and the surrounding neighborhoods.  There will also be a cash bar and full food menu available for purchase.  If you would like additional information about the event,  please contact Jonathan Sproul at (617)519 -3106 or via email at

Green Ticket Bill Needs Support


NEWRA’s Clean Streets Committee is asking residents and merchants to send in the following letter in support of the Green Ticket Bill to our State representatives. The Green Ticket Bill is an important step in improving the trash problem in the neighborhood.
Download the Letter (also pasted below):
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, MS Word Format, PDF Format 

Here is a summary of the House Bill #3588 (Green Ticket Bill) and testimony from the City’s Inspectional Service Department (ISD) that explains why the bill is so important. House Bill #3588 is anticipated to be favorably voted out of Committee but still has a bit to go.