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NEWNC Goes Bananas; 10-0 in Support

gobananasAt Monday’s North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting, the council voted 10-0 in support of  “Go Bananas” produce market to move across the street to a larger space at 64 Salem Street. NEWRA has previously also voted in favor of the application and a hearing in front of the City’s Licensing Board is pending.

Represented by Dan Toscano, Frank Scire is the 23-year North End business owner adding take-out deli to the new store, but will otherwise sell the same goods.

The location is in the old location of Dunkin’ Donuts before the fire in that building which has been rebuilt as condos above and retail on the first floor. Since the previous take-out license was specific to Dunkin’ Donuts, Scire agreed to the condition that his take-out license would also expire if/when Go Bananas leaves the space. Hours of operation will be 7am-9pm.

In response to a question, the owner was not aware of any plans for the old location at 65 Salem Street. The council was complementary of the well-run business serving the neighborhood.

Complete minutes from the NEWNC meeting are posted at www.NEWNCBoston.org.

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  1. Good meeting last night, especially hearing from Capuano and Lema. I think the city has a good deal of work to do in articulating the woonerf plan and the outdoor seating rationale. Better graphics would help.

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