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Toilet Trash on Freedom Trail

Tom Schiavoni sends in this picture and comment:

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Since October 20, this illegally-discarded toilet bowel has greeted Freedom Trail visitors from around the world on Hull Street within yards of Old North Church. Why the stewards of the historic shrine or any of the commercial and residential abutters have not taken  action to remove the plumbing fixture is a graphic commentary on what they really think about the neighborhood.

Thomas F. Schiavoni

6 Replies to “Toilet Trash on Freedom Trail

  1. Why is it the responsibility of the Old North Church or the nearby businesses to take care of something a residential property owner put out illegally. If you see it call it in. It would have taken less time then taking a picture and writing this post.

  2. It was called in – and believe it or not, this is not the first time this has happened at this spot. The previous "deposit" required more than two weeks of daily calls before it was removed. The point is that it it is helpful when local businesses and institutions take pride in their surroundings. Is this really how Old North Church wants to be viewed by the hundreds of people passing by this spot every day?

  3. Maybe it would help to look up the building owner’s name and then post that info to embarrass him/her. I still don’t think Rev. Ayers or Rev Patty should have to worry about the junk that irresponsible property owners put out unless it was the Old North’s toilet!

  4. So we’ll learn whether or not the Mayor’s staff pays attention to posts on this website…which they should!

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