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Trash Compactors to be Installed on Parcel 9

At the October 19th Neighborhood Council meeting, Peter Gori of the Boston Redevelopment Authority announced that trash compactors would soon be installed on Parcel 9. The compactors would be used to help control the trash problem around the Haymarket vendors. The equipment would be installed on concrete pads.

haymarket-boston-3A question was raised as to whether the trash would stay on the site from Thursday through Sunday while the Haymarket vendors are open. The council was concerned this could make the trash and smell situation worse. Currently, garbage trucks are on site hauling the trash away. The BRA will look into whether daily trash removal from the compactors is possible.

The plan is temporary until a developer is selected for Parcel 9. At the last meeting of the Turnpike Authority, no decision was made. The speculated frontrunners are Eastat’s residential apartment project and the Boston Museum. Both proposals would have a ground floor marketplace.

With no decision from MassPike on choosing a developer and now the BRA installing trash compactors there, it sounds like Parcel 9 will be empty for a long time.

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One Reply to “Trash Compactors to be Installed on Parcel 9

  1. There is no reason why the market vendors need to create such a mess, or why WE the citizens must lose out on revenue from the Parcel 7 building and Parcel 9 lot so the vendors can take less responsibility for their trash.

    I like outdoor markets. I’ve been to multiple outdoor markets around the world, but nowhere else is such filth permitted. Vendors could easily hire a staffer to break down boxes, keep lanes clear and deal with rotting produce. Instead, they toss boxes and rotting fruit in a way that blocks the sidewalk and feeds the rats. I’m glad they’re taking steps to deal with this, but it shouldn’t be a sweetheart deal where the taxpayer suffers.

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