Community Chat: RUFF Talks to Neighborhood Council About Dog Cleanup Initiatives

RUFF North End, the local dog owners group, held a community chat at the December meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) regarding dog issues in the neighborhood.

RUFF leaders Leslie Horn and Anya Potter responded to questions about how to encourage irresponsible dog owners to pickup after their dog. The group has signs and a surveillance efforts, but finds that communicating with other dog owners is the most effective way to educate them. RUFF is looking forward to opening their permanent dog park at the Gassy in 2017 and also maintains a dog run on Richmond Street.

View the above video to see the discussion between RUFF and NEWNC. RUFF encourages residents to contact them with specific issues at

3 Replies to “Community Chat: RUFF Talks to Neighborhood Council About Dog Cleanup Initiatives

  1. I am amazed every day by the number of people who do not properly dispose their dog’s waste. It is baffling to me how people can be so inconsiderate and just plain disgusting.

  2. It is a huge problem in the neighborhood where you have to watch every step. Also, owners are inconsiderate when letting dogs urinate on planters and building entrances where everyone has to walk.

    1. I agree with the neighbor it is disgusting dodging dog poop on sidewalks and bag poop bags on doorstepsI don’t like commenting about dogs than people think i don’t like dogs not all owners are the same and not all animals are the same So Please Ruff get after these people!! Walk around during any given day personally dogs shouldn’t be cooped up in small apartments whatever

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