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North End Rats on the Political Scene

The Globe highlighted the North End’s problem with rats in its Columbus Day article which discussed the Mayorial candidates view of the issue.

“Flaherty said the city has yet to meaningfully address the rodent issue. “The North End is overrun with rodents,’’ he said. “They don’t feel the city is respecting them.’’ “They feel taken for granted,’’ Yoon added. (Ed: Yes, let’s all respect the rats more). But Menino, who is seeking a fifth term in office, said he had not been alerted to this particular rodent issue and that city inspectors would be addressing it if he had.”

The Flaherty campaign followed up with a letter to supporters:

“We had a great time marching through the North End yesterday for the Columbus Day Parade, and Michael and Sam had the chance to speak to many residents about their concerns for the neighborhood. Such a rich a vibrant neighborhood is not without problems. The North End’s many restaurants and proximity to Boston Harbor make the area a popular destination – for rats.”

In addition to the rats, the Globe article highlighted the high demand for entry into the North End’s Eliot School and how each of the candidates would deal with school assignments.

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  1. Menino wasn’t aware? I submitted complaints to the hotline numerous times, as my street is infested…so much so that my car was infested as well. I know a number of other people in my building complained as well, so unless nobody is reading constituant complaints, "I didn’t know" isn’t a viable excuse.

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