State Senate “Degree-Gate” Investigation by Globe

State Senator Anthony Petruccelli in his State House office (Photo by Matt Conti)

Andrew Ryan of the Boston Globe investigates the college degree records of incumbent State Senator Anthony Petruccelli (Democrat), finding he does not have a degree from the University of Rochester as previously listed on his website.

“Petruccelli, 38, attended the college from 1991-1995, but records show he did not graduate and “does not have a degree from the University of Rochester,’’ according to school spokeswoman Sharon A. Dickman.”

Republican Candidate for State Senate, Frank Addivinola, Jr. (Campaign Photo)

The reporter also investigated the seven college and graduate degrees listed on Republican challenger, Frank Addivinola Jr.’s website.

“All seven of Addivinola’s degrees were verified, but the one listed as “ALM in Biology, Harvard University’’ is not entirely clear.”

Since the degree was from Harvard Extension School, the school “now urges new graduates to include “extension studies’’ in the description” to distinguish degress received from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Read the Globe article.

5 Replies to “State Senate “Degree-Gate” Investigation by Globe

  1. Why do politicians say most of what they say? Sounds like somebody from Addivinola's side did the research and gave it to the Globe to run just before the election so he could get 50 more votes…maybe.

    My comment should have been: Who cares? Senator Petruccelli has been good to the North End and his staff has been very helpful to me personally about several issues. He deserves to be re elected and his professional student opponent does not deserve to unseat him just because he is an outsider Republican which is the flavor of this election cycle. EXPERIENCE DOES MATTER.

  2. So the one guy said he graduated from a university and he didn't. He has no degree. The other guy looks like a professional student and neglected to mention he graduated from Harvard Extension School which is quite different from Harvard. I'm voting for the guy without the degree, but I dislike liars. Hope he's not lying about anything else.

  3. Why lie about a degree when you know other candiates have been busted for that same lie? Lying on your resume gets you fired in real world because it goes to honesty and intergity. Guess not in the world of politics.

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