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Globe: Segway Tour Operator Will Keep Fighting

Segways on Hanover Street ( photo)

An update on the disputes surrounding the Segway tour company at 420 Commercial St., Boston by Segway (formerly Boston Gliders), is featured in the March 18th Boston Globe. After numerous fines and violations of the city ordinance with back and forth lawsuits, the company voes to keep fighting:

The company’s defiant frontman Allan Danley said the business he helps run will not budge, and he vowed to push ahead with lawsuits against the landlord and the city.

“This is going to turn into a million-dollar problem for them,’’ said Danley. “We have no intentions of closing. We have no intentions of backing off. If anything, we are going to take the fight on.”

Read the full article by Meghan Irons at the Boston Globe.

Ed: Thanks to the Globe for the h/t to’s meeting reports and videos (NEWRA here and NEWNC here). All our posts on the Segway issue can be viewed here.