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Globe Reports on Archeological Survey for Endicott Street Brothel

The Boston Globe provides an update on the 1993 archeological survey from Endicott Street in the location of today’s I-93 access ramps. Housing records indicate a brothel existed between 1852 and 1883 at the address that was 27-29 Endicott Street. In those years, there were as many as 40 houses of prostitution in the North End.

27-29 Endicott St., Site of Brothel in 1852-1883

“Many of the prostitutes were farm girls or immigrants, usually under 25 years old, who had moved to Boston in search of jobs. Their hierarchy ranged from work in upscale parlor houses that offered dining, drinking, and dancing; to lower-level establishments such as the Endicott Street brothel; to the “cribs,’’ or basement rooms, where hard, often-diseased women would meet with sailors, poor men, and petty criminals.”