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Globe Highlights Boston’s Harborwalk

But doesn't think pilings are "pretty." (Photo: Ed O'Connor)
But doesn’t think pilings are “pretty.” (Photo: Ed O’Connor)
Globe likes the Fairmont (Click image for gallery)
Globe likes the Fairmont
(Click image for gallery)

The Boston Globe treks the Harborwalk, starting with the 4.5 miles from the Long Wharf through the North End to Charlestown. “Intimate gardens provide welcome oases at the ends of warehouses gone condo. But turn a corner, and you may see rotting pilings. Such juxtapositions are the soul of the Harborwalk. Though it has countless scenic passages, it isn’t always pretty, but it is authentic.”

Take a look at the photo on the upper right by Ed O’Connor (not in the Globe’s photo gallery). I personally like the pilings.

Here is a link to the story.

2 Replies to “Globe Highlights Boston’s Harborwalk

  1. The pilings give us authenticity and character. How could anyone who doesn’t live here appreciate that?
    Hmph !!!!

  2. Matt, I too love the pilings. One particular time that I was in the Globe, that was the backdrop for my photo. Odd that the Globe photographer went out of her way to use that scenic backdrop.

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