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NEWRA Supports New Beer/Wine License at “Sapori di Napoli”

Sapori di Napoli, 115A Salem Street

NEWRA voted 27-19 to support  the application at 115A Salem Street for Sapori di Napoli (Giovanni Grimaldi, Manager).

The cafe is is applying for a C.V. 7-day beer and wine license (cordials to come later) in the space next to the Pushcart Pizzeria. This would be Grimaldi’s second license in the North End, adding to the current cafe at 120 Salem Street (which will remain open).

The applicant agreed to residents’ request for 11pm closing Sunday through Thursday and midnight on Friday/Saturday. This would be a new license to the neighborhood bringing the total to 90 pouring licenses.

During the discussion, abutters thanked the applicant for internal modifications to reduce impact of lighting. Neighbors at 44 Prince Street spoke in support of the new license.

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  1. This shows that people still realize that situations merit individual consideration. It was also nice to hear of the 44 Prince Street residents and this business working together.

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