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NEWRA Supports “Go Bananas” Move Across Salem St

gobananas-1In a vote of 42 – 2, the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) supported the “change of use” application by Go Bananas Market. The store is moving directly across the street to 64 Salem Street to a larger space with hours from 7am to 9pm. Owner Frank Scire is adding deli take-out service that will be specific to Go Bananas (as it was previously only for Dunkin’ Donuts at that location). Otherwise, the business will be the same.

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6 Replies to “NEWRA Supports “Go Bananas” Move Across Salem St

  1. Sick and sad that anyone would vote against that when we need more available grocery. Frank is an amazing human being, and he has been my neighbor and grocer for 12 years.

  2. Yes, I’d much rather have Bananas in a cramped, old spot and have vacant space across the street.

  3. Well, on the good news front, Sapori Di Napoli got commendations as an operator and was approved for a NEW license. This shows that people still realize that situations merit individual consideration. It was also nice to hear of the 44 Prince Street residents and this business working together.

    Not only does Frank’s move give the community more of what it needs, but the space he is leaving might attact another retailer to add to the interesting array of shops the neighborhood boasts.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. The North End is a community where many residents and business owners have a shared history that is more than ten, and sometimes more than twenty, years long. It is not possible to present all the history in one brief presentation for a zoning or licensing application.

    It is the nature of any large democratic body where members vote that there will rarely be unanimous agreement. No one can know all the reasons that determine an individual’s choice in the moment of voting. Denigrating that choice, especially when you are happy with the outcome of the vote, serves no useful purpose.

  5. Sorry my words were poorly chosen, Stephanie. I meant only to express awe. You are right. Even if they don’t have a reason at all, it is their vote. But most people guess it is just a couple of haters.

    There is a feeling amongst many that there is not enough "democracy" in NEWRA, with residents of ten to twenty years not even knowing about the group until the trash-hours crisis. Leadership is not elected. Membership is poorly communicated to the community, if at all. Voting privileges are restricted. And people who disagree with the majority opinion of the group (sometimes not exactly the majority opinion of the neighborhood) are shut down in meetings.

    While I can be accused of having the same concerns (as NEWRA seems to express collectively) to the tune of 100%, I feel that the only denigration I see is of those who disagree at meetings. If someone expresses disagreement—it would be great to see her politely addressed and educated on the specifics of the majority NEWRA position. I know you to be a person of great civility. Perhaps next time someone expresses frustration at an upcoming meeting, you will take the time to let her speak and to respond as nicely as you have herein.

    I think we are in a minefield right now. But I see a clearing ahead. Good luck in your new role. You have a lot of work cut out for you. 😀

    But still in awe,


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