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“What’s Your Number?” Movie Opens in Theaters Featuring Several North End Scenes

Video clip: “What’s Your Number?” stars Anna Faris and Chris Evans walk down Salem Street.

Remember when the movie producers for “What’s Your Number?” came to the neighborhood to request filming to 2:00 a.m.? (See this post: “What’s Your Number?” Movie Receives Permit to Film to 2:00 am in North End).

Opening in theaters today, the movie has several scenes in the North End and other areas of Boston.

Anna Faris’ character, Ally, “lives” at 14 Cooper St. which was renovated for filming. The location was chosen for the views from the roof deck. One scene includes an Italian wedding party coming out of the Corner Café on Prince Street. Another street scene takes place by Bova’s Bakery as the characters walk out of the bakery onto the street.