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Woman Attacked in Drive-by Robbery Monday Night on Salem Street

There were plenty of witnesses, with slightly varying stories, of an attack and robbery on Salem Street at 9:50 pm on Monday night. According to Officer Teddy Boyle, detectives are following up on accounts of a suspect jumping out of a car to grab a woman’s bag. The woman fought back and the suspect punched her before taking the bag and getting back in the car heading toward Charter Street. The car was reported as a black Charger (or Chrysler). Police say they do not have a license plate number, but detectives are looking at video in the area. The victim was not seriously hurt and discharged from Mass. General Hospital.

Update: A suspect has been arrested. See this updated post.

6 Replies to “Woman Attacked in Drive-by Robbery Monday Night on Salem Street

  1. Actually several witnesses got the ENTIRE license plate number and provided it via 911 and to responding officers. Please make sure you have accurate information before reporting on it.

  2. The information comes direct from Boston Police as mentioned in the post. They told me they do not have the license plate number, at least not a full one. That is why they are checking video. I will check for an updated report. But if you know it, what is the license plate?

  3. Thanks to Matt for actually getting this information to the public. I’m still quite bothered that the police haven’t released any community bulletins.

    What is most concerning to me is that it is not being reported at all that the victim was stabbed in the head – which in fact she was. The news briefings make it seem as though she fought back which she didn’t. She complied with the suspects requests and was subsequently stabbed.

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