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Multiple Arrests in North End as Police Say “Enough is Enough” to Youth Mayhem

Responding to the recent mayhem by mostly out-of-town youths on feast weekends in the North End, Boston Police made several arrests on Friday night at neighborhood parks and playgrounds used as gathering places for teenagers. Police reported 21 arrests in total, 19 of which were juveniles and 2 others for an unrelated incident. Charges included public and/or underage drinking and trespassing.

A neighbor shares the above video showing police taking away several teenagers from the Gassy / DeFilippo Playground on Prince Street. Residents along Commercial Street report similar arrests at other parks in the North End / Waterfront area. Social media had indicated the Prado / Paul Revere Mall was one of the youth destinations during the Fisherman’s Feast this weekend. Previous weekends have shown hundreds of teenagers gathering along the Commercial Street ball fields, Langone Park, Sargents Wharf and Christopher Columbus Park.

Those arrested were 15-17 years old, according to Boston Police District A-1, hailing from the following towns:

  • Medford – 8
  • Wakefield – 4
  • Melrose – 3
  • North End, Boston – 2
  • Quincy – 1
  • Woburn – 1

This week, Boston Police met with local officials and issued multiple warnings that more aggressive action would be taken. Boston Police Capt. Fong issued a statement earlier in the week that police presence will be stepped up and warning that unruly behavior, fighting and underage drinking will not be tolerated. BPD encouraged residents to report all public safety issues to 911 where they can be dispatched to on-site officers.

Update: This post was updated on 8/19/17 to include the exact number and nature of the arrests once confirmed by Boston Police.


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17 Replies to “Multiple Arrests in North End as Police Say “Enough is Enough” to Youth Mayhem

  1. Well I’ve been complaining about no police and tonight I’ve seen 7, so give credit where credit is due!!

    Thank you officials and police officers. Hopefully if you do this a couple more times they will get the picture.

    Job well-done.

  2. I did not recognize one kid, there were both young boys and girls with backspacks who were arrested or detained. Thank you to the BPD and Captain Fong who was personally overseeing operations.

  3. People were asking where these kids were coming from. Are they Boston kids? Some of them seemed drunk last weekend. From what I could see at the stage near the water front they seemed to mostly be having fun, but there was a sense that with that many teens and alcohol things could take a turn for the worse. They need more porta potties and TP if that many kids are down there, just saying. The expensive facilities are not operational.

  4. Thank you BPD, North Enders and Matt! Great job by everyone to spread the word and take corrective action. Progress.

    1. I want to thank everyone involved in making this happen. I am hoping that this continues, whether there is a feast or not, so that the kids get the message that this is not a neighborhood they can gather and act irresponsibly. This cannot be a one shot deal. Thank you all for a great start!

  5. These kids have no respect for anything or anyone & this action by the BPD is the ONLY thing that will stop this madness & mayhem that takes place every weekend.

  6. Arrests long overdue. Hopefully this gets the message out. Part of me wonders though if there were less kids around last night because of the weather?

    1. Parents need to stop driving their teenagers and dropping them off in the North End and stop letting them come into Boston by train to party here. Pretty sure that Saugus, Wakefield, Danvers or wherever these kids live would not put up with this behavior.

  7. Great job BPD. These guys don’t get enough support. People don’t understand that when they stand down, it comes from above.

  8. Excellent job by our police and elected officials on Saturday night. It was like night and day between this weekend and last weekend. I did walk by a few teenagers who grumbling about the police, and it was music to my ears. Hopefully the teens learned a good life lesson about civility and respect.

  9. Thank you officers for a job well done hopefully, they will understand what they will be up against next time and decided to stay away.

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