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Police Send Message to Teens Not to Come and Drink in North End Parks

I spent over an hour on Friday evening riding along with Boston Police Captain Fong and Sgt. Doris in their squad car here in the North End.  Numerous arrests were made.  Those arrested (both males and females) were between the ages of 15 and 18 years old, and mostly said they were from Wakefield, Saugus, etc.  The arrests were for underage drinking and tresspassing.  One of the arrested males was carrying a pocket knife with about a 5″ blade.

Just after I met up with the police at the Gassy / DeFilippo Playground on Prince Street, the call came over the radio for us to head back there, where more arrests were made.

Throughout the evening, the police were stationed on Commercial Street and on Hanover St., by the Prado.

The police made it very clear to those whom they arrested that they should spread the word to their friends NOT to come to the North End to engage in underage drinking and other illegal activities.

All in all, it was a “quiet night,” in the sense that teenagers did NOT appear to be congregating (in any of the parks, on Commercial Street, etc.) in the large numbers they had congregated in during the previous two weekends.

BPD Cpt. Fong had a solid team out on the streets (both uniformed and plainclothes officers) on bikes and in squad cars.

David Marx
Host of the monthly North End Public Safety Meetings

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15 Replies to “Police Send Message to Teens Not to Come and Drink in North End Parks

  1. I noticed less teenagers roaming the streets last night but wondered if it was due to the weather? In any event, arrests were long overdue.

  2. Hoping they check the “alley” behind Vitos Tavern off of Salem. Lots of sleeping homeless and young people smoking weed and drinking alcohol.

  3. Thanks Dave! Ur continued dedication the the safety of our neighborhood hasn’t gone unoticed!!

  4. Good that the police are getting a handle on it.
    I suggested that last week in my reply: be waiting for them in the park or near the rink to head them off. Hopefully ,the message will get through to a lot of the teens. Everyone wants to enjoy their North End neighborhood,feasts, and parks, that’s all.Let’s have calm and peace- we all need it.
    Hopefully , the police will be vigilant again- it made a difference.

  5. Thank you so much David & I can’t begin to tell you how many people are so grateful for all your efforts.

  6. Thank You BPD and friends and neighbors for your vigilance in keeping our neighborhood safe !!!

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