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“The Cheeseman” and “The Cheese Shop”

  “Fresh Cheese” from Endicott St. has reopened on Fleet St. as “The Cheese Shop.” Carmen DiNunzio, “The Cheeseman”, was sentenced for 6 years with 3 years probation. However, the prosecutors’ request that he be banned from the North End once he is released was denied by the judge. The full Boston Globe article can Read More…

Real Estate

Board of Appeal Approves Barber Shop Expansion and Deck with Conditions

The controversial Barber Shop extension and deck at 113 Salem Street, was “Sustained with Proviso” by the City’s Board of Appeal which roughly translates to “approved with conditions”. After weeks of discourse at neighborhood meetings, the owner, Arthur Caras and abutters at 44 Prince Street came to a last minute compromise agreement before the hearing Read More…

Health & Environment

“Street Improvement Team” Hits the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood on October 1st

The City’s “Street Improvement Team” is like a swat team that each Saturday attacks a different neighborhood and fixes all the little things, making the place look a bit better. They will bring the labor and materials to the North End/Waterfront on Saturday, October 17th. (Ed: You have to love election years!)

Have a fix-up suggestion for the team? Email to get your request on the list.

Below is the text from the City’s press release.


Fortune Teller Receives Permit from Licensing Board after NEWRA Supports and NEWNC Opposes

Faced with conflicting views from the two neighborhood groups, the Boston Licensing Board granted Sophia Anderson a fortune teller permit to operate at 215 Hanover Street. The North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association voted 30-16 in favor of a fortune teller permit for Sophia Anderson to operate on the 2nd floor of 215 Hanover Street. The NEWRA vote Read More…

Community Real Estate

BRA Scenario Shows Large Developments On North End Side of Greenway

In a public meeting at City Hall, the Boston Redevelopment Authority presented scenarios for substantial North End development along the Greenway, filling in most of Cross Street including structures well over the established 55 foot height limit. The slides were released as part of its Greenway District Planning Study. (Click here for a PDF file Read More…

Community Government Real Estate

Fun Facts From Greenway Conservancy’s Annual Report – Following the Money

Browsing through the pages of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy’s Annual Report reveals some interesting facts about how the Conservancy is managing the parks. On the revenue side, State is providing nearly half of the funding being used for the burgeoning Conservancy. But the most surprising element that pops out from the numbers is on the expense side. Read More…


Voter Education – Mayoral Candidate Q&A

Boston Mayoral and City Council Preliminary Election Tuesday, September 22Nine neighborhood associations across Boston joined together as part of a Boston Civic Coalition for Voter Education and submitted to the four Mayoral candidates; Mayor Thomas Menino, Councilor Michael Flaherty, Councilor Sam Yoon and Kevin McCrea, a questionnaire that addressed numerous issues, covering five major topics Read More…


Greenway Conservancy Improves Development Protocols

From the Greenway Conservancy: Revised drafts of the Design Protocols for Capital Improvements within the Greenway Parks and Open Spaces and the Protocols for Reviewing Proposed Development Projects Impacting the Greenway that were discussed at the public hearing on September 1 are now posted on the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy website.  Comments on the original Read More…

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Segway Hearing Requested by Councilor LaMattina

City Councilor Sal LaMattina is calling for a hearing to discuss how the City should accommodate increasing Segway use on city streets and sidewalks. Segways are the 2-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicles uses for personal transportation. These upright mobility devices can reach speeds up to 13 miles per hour. Some interesting notes from the hearing request: Read More…

Arts & Culture Transportation

North End Movie Invasion – “The Town” Street Schedule

Over the next month, there will be a LOT of movie shoots in the North End. There are three productions scheduled to film in late September and early October. Here are the details on street closures, detours and all the info for amateur paparazzi. The Town CLICK HERE TO SEE THE STREET CLOSURE DATES AND Read More…

Health & Environment

Clean Streets Committee Talks Trash

When Public Works tried to install more trash barrels around the neighborhood a few weeks ago, they ran into an unexpected problem. Many residents didn’t want them in front of their property. So, where is the trash to go? Naomi Paul thinks residents object more to the “overflowing” problem than the actual trash receptacle. As Read More…