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Tenoch Mexican Taqueria Receives Residents’ Association Support for New Restaurant at 1-3 Lewis Street [Video]

Alvaro Sandoval, owner of Tenoch Mexican Taqueria in Medford, received a supportive vote of 23-6 from the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) for a take-out service variance that would allow a new Mexican restaurant to open at 1-3 Lewis Street in the North End.

Tenoch ( would be the only Mexican restaurant in the North End and the first since the closing of El Triunfo at 69 Prince Street last year. The location was most recently clothing retailer Ball & Buck and previously a coffee shop, Flamepoeira, and years ago, Nick’s Tavern. The small space on Lewis Street is between Fulton and Commercial Streets.

A restaurant is already allowed at the location according to the zoning code, however, the take-out request requires a variance from the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals. The location will use convection ovens and have a vent stack to the roof.

Represented by architect Mai Phung at the NEWRA meeting, distributed plans will allow for up to 22 seats and hours of operation from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Watch the video presentation and Q&A above from the NEWRA meeting held on February 14, 2013 at the Nazzaro Community Center.

Plans distributed for proposed Tenoch Mexican Restaurant


5 Replies to “Tenoch Mexican Taqueria Receives Residents’ Association Support for New Restaurant at 1-3 Lewis Street [Video]

  1. i hope he makes it as the neighborhood needs more unique non-italian offerings, but that is a tough retail location.

  2. Problem is, he’s going to have to make a run at it by getting the vast majority of his business from residents … and that’s really hard to do. Face it, no one from outside the neighborhood is coming to the North End to eat Mexican food.

    Despite what people think, there are a variety offerings options that are not Italian.

    There’s Asian, seafood, Peruvian, burgers, sandwiches … and Vitos’ has a pretty good selection of stuff as well.

  3. Since I own the building at 3 Lewis St I thought I should make a few comments.
    First, I am convinced that one of the hallmarks of an interesting, urban neighborhood is having a variety of street level shops. It would be so easy, and more profitable, for me to turn that storefront into a one bedroom apartment but I am resisting doing so. Safe, urban streets are streets that have a human scale and human activity. Small, interesting storefronts are one way to create that activity. Jane Jacobs talked about this fifty years ago and I am convinced she was correct.
    Second, some people move to the North End and want to replicate the peaceful, tranquil life they enjoyed in the suburbs. Well, guess what, the North End is not Wellesley-by-the-Sea. It is a somewhat gritty, recently gentrified urban neighborhood and if they want peace and quiet I suggest they move back to the burbs. We long time North Enders love our street life, it’s what makes our neighborhood so interesting. Please don’t try to change us.
    Lastly, my childhood friend Janet G. is concerned about rats. I am happy to report that the sewer line is repaired and the rats are long gone. I think they have moved to Fulton St. because I see them scurrying around the BHA housing project.
    So, thank you all for supporting the sandwich shop at 3 Lewis St. It will never be Sammy Scola’s but I hope it will add something special to our neighborhood.
    Nicky D

    1. bravo for not turning the ground-level into an apartment. you are absolutely right that street-level retail contributes wonderfully to a neighborhood.

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