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Meteor Crash Storify of Photos, Videos, Parodies and Social Media Highlights

It was halfway around the world, but there is actually a local angle with the meteor crash not far from the home of Bruins backup goaltender Anton Khudobin. Plus, there are these amazing photos, videos and parodies. The Storify below is ranked in order of seriousness.

Meteor Crash in Russia

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GIF of the Russian meteor Klapper
Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion that stirred panic in Urals regionrussiatoday
Blog: Meteor landed 200 miles from Khudobin’s home #bruinsBoston Globe Bruins
I know it’s Russia, but 200 miles is pretty far. “@GlobeBruins: Blog: Meteor landed 200 miles from Khudobin’s home”Arielle Aronson
#BruinsTalk Khudobin hopes everybody is OK after meteor hits near home … By @HacksWithHaggs …
Dramatic CCTV: Meteorite blast wave blows out doors, windows in Russiarussiatoday
Meteor shower in Russia unrelated to large asteroid … – Boston.com11 hours ago … The van-sized meteor that streaked over Russia Friday and exploded about 10 miles above the surface, creating a powerf…
Photograph of an (apparently) large meteor exploding over Cuba earlier today: Dante
Asteroid 2012DA14, apparently not connected to the Russian Meteor, is now about to cross the geostationary ring SETI Institute
Photo of meteor impact area in the Urals. “” via @Sergej_Korn #chelly #метеорит #челябинскRevanta
RT @ndorokakung: beda asteroid, meteor, meteorit… RT @th1rt33nth: nihh.. Djakaria
RT @wolfo696: #Meteor fragments hit frozen lake via @BadAstronomer ITAR-TASS Photos / Newscom千葉達朗
Asteroid will buzz, miss Earth _ unlike meteorScientists the world over, along with NASA, insisted the meteor had nothing to do with the incoming asteroid since they appeared to be tr…
RT @grantslater: Today’s weather report for Chelyabinsk. #meteor Metzger JD, MA
HEY SHELDON !!!If train a,traveling 70 mph leaves NYC towards Boston 250 miles away. At the same time train b, traveling 60 mph leaves Boston towards NYC how far from each city do they meet. ? Or better yet just tell me if a 10 ton meteor is traveling @ 19 miles per second how many mph is the meteor traveling.Michael Sheil
#Coincidence??? #pope #Galileo #meteor #lighteningHanna Wiselogel
RT @i_Zooel: Ini dia penampakan Meteor yang jatuh di Russia kemarin. Zahrein S S
Waz up with traffic on 93? Did a meteor hit Boston?William Ayala
RT @TheStarkOne: #RussianMeteor Yeah… meteor… Pearce
RT @DarkSkiesMovie: Was it really a #meteor that hit #Russia? They’re already here. #DarkSkies
RT @MLBMeme: This meteor hitting Earth… still better odds than …. #RussianMeteor #mlbmemes
@KingJames @darrenrovell @miamiheat @47Brand: 2nd Meteor Spotted!!! #Heateor #NBAallstar #Lebron
Meteor Shower – Owl City Live 2.1.2010moosteen

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