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Neighborhood Reports from Residents’ Association Meeting; Focus on Trees & Licensing [Video]

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) met this week on Thursday, May 15, 2015. A number of reports were provided by the group’s executives and committee chairs. A video timeline is noted below so you can jump to specific parts of the presentations.

(00:00 in video) Welcome and Introductions by NEWRA President Ford Cavallari

(01:00) Nicole Leo resignation and introduction of Tom McKay from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services

(05:00) Parks & Open Spaces Committee report; Focus on the Prado – Paul Revere Mall

(06:45) Saving trees in the North End / Waterfront – Discussion of tree survey by President Ford Cavallari

(16:00) NEWRA.org website updates – Public safety, building permit and code enforcement reports

(19:00) Membership report by Chair Mary McGee

(19:50) Zoning, Licensing & Construction Report by Chair Victor Brogna

  • 3-5 Quincy Court renovation proposal has been revised
  • 290 North Street (La Capella Suites) conversion from B&B to residential units – revisions in process
  • 406-418 Commercial Street – change from commercial (chiropractor’s office) to residential
    • With strong abutter support, NEWRA’s Executive Committee agreed to issue a letter of no objection
  • 75 Commercial Street (Mercantile Building rear) – 20 seat restaurant & retail plans withdrawn

(23:25) May 26th Tentative ZLC Committee Meeting Agenda (7pm, Mariner’s House, 11 North Square)

  • 3-5 Quincy Court revised renovation proposal
  • 470 Hanover Street – NICO Restaurant; Lack of previous legalization attempting to be resolved pending sale of the restaurant
  • Caffe Pompei, Hanover Street – pending sale to DePasquale Ventures with President/CEO Joe DePasquale; request for transfer of 2am all-alcohol license to replace 12am existing license; 4am food license transfer as well
  • 158 Salem Street – next to former Boscotto’s Bakery; proposal to open small Italian restaurant, pizza, snacks

(28:00) Review of Recent Decisions by Zoning Board of Appeals

  • 20 Unity Street (near Old North Church), Dr. Ed Harlowe – proposed 3-story buildout deferred pending ZBA request for more information
  • 47 Charter Street, Anne DiBenedetto – Zoning relief to add basement as residential space – approved by ZBA
  • 16-18 Battery Street – zoning relief application withdrawn, denied without prejudice

(30:40) NEWRA ZLC letters issued over past year

  • 8 support, 5 no objection, 3 opposition, 1 split vote
  • NEWRA’s support letters in the future will reflect language of “no objection” rather than support due to the organizations recent status change to a 501(c)3 non-profit