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Governor Signs “Green Ticket” Bill Into Law

Governor Deval Patrick signed the Green Ticket bill into law bringing new trash disposal compliance mechanisms closer to reality. Currently, if the city wants to issue a citation to property owner for a trash violation they have no authority to collect on the fines they hand out. With the ‘Green Ticket Bill’ these unpaid citations Read More…

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Clean Streets Committee Plans for 2010

The Clean Streets Committee ( met for the first time in 2010 to review its progress and look forward to the work ahead. At the January 19th meeting, co-chair Naomi Paul, asked for comments about what they are doing right and where they can be more effective. Attendees gave the committee credit for bringing attention Read More…

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“10 Minutes with a Broom”

From the Clean Streets committee of NEWRA:

We all want a cleaner North End and Waterfront. To achieve this goal, we all need to work together to keep our sidewalks and gutters clean. We are asking all business owners and residents to join us in our “10 Minutes with a Broom” campaign and committ to making sure every day that the sidewalk and gutters outside your property are free of trash and cigarette butts.

If you would like to join in and be part of our neighborhood campaign, please sign up by emailing: (include your name and street address).
You can also get your neighbors involved using this sign-up sheet and give it to a Clean Street committee member at a meeting.
More information is available at the Clean Streets section of
Below is the list of neighbors and businesses that have already signed up for “10 Minutes with a Broom.”

Thank you for signing up for a cleaner North End/Waterfront neighborhood!

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Clean Streets Committee Keeps Working

The Clean Streets Committee of NEWRA keeps plugging away at the near insurmountable problems of trash and rats in the North End. Tuesday’s well-attended meeting brought a mix of old timers and newcomers, along with the Chamber of Commerce and neighborhood representatives City Councilor Sal LaMattina and State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz. The quantity and placement Read More…

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Clean Streets Committee Talks Trash

When Public Works tried to install more trash barrels around the neighborhood a few weeks ago, they ran into an unexpected problem. Many residents didn’t want them in front of their property. So, where is the trash to go? Naomi Paul thinks residents object more to the “overflowing” problem than the actual trash receptacle. As Read More…

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Clean Streets Committee Tackles Trash & Rats

Frustrated members at this week’s Clean Streets meeting discussed the increasing problem of street trash and rodent sightings in the neighborhood. Clean Streets is a committee of the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA, City Councilor Sal LaMattina attended the meeting, along with John Meaney from the Health Division of Inspectional Services and Frank O’Brien Read More…