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Clean Streets Committee Plans for 2010

The Clean Streets Committee ( met for the first time in 2010 to review its progress and look forward to the work ahead. At the January 19th meeting, co-chair Naomi Paul, asked for comments about what they are doing right and where they can be more effective.

Clean Streets Committee Meets (click to enlarge)
Clean Streets Committee Meets (click to enlarge)

Attendees gave the committee credit for bringing attention to the North End’s street cleanliness (or lack thereof), but noted that some areas that are not showing much improvement. Resident compliance with existing trash ordinances appeared to be higher but each year thousands of new tenants move into the neighborhood. Distribution of the North End Cleanliness Tip Sheet was emphasized.

In 2009, the committee was successful in getting more trash barrels on the streets with the help of the Department of Public Works.The office of Councilor LaMattina has also been very effective in targeting problem addresses with letters. Kathy Carangelo-McIsaac from the Councilor’s office accepts emails at: Residents can also email when they see trash problems.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz was present at the meeting and discussed the progress of the Green Ticket Bill, which passed the House after his maiden speech. The bill is expected to pass the State Senate shortly, followed by the Governor’s signature. The committee members were enthusiastic about the bill helping the neighborhood by increasing the accountability of property owners. Rep. Michlewitz thanked the committee for getting the word out and the letter campaign in support of the bill.

One address continues to be called out as a problem: 28 Fleet Street.This property is expected to be a focus of the Problem Properties Taskforce where neighbors and city leaders take up the cause against continually abusive properties. This property in particular is known as “dorm-like” with both loud noise and trash violations.

The Clean Streets Committee reviewed its various programs which are detailed on their website at The programs include: “See It-Report It-Get a Tracking #” and “10 Minutes with a Broom.” A new idea to create stickers or decals for businesses was presented. Businesses that have signed up for the “10 Minutes with a Broom” program could display them in their windows.

Chris Young from the North End Chamber of Commerce reported on his progress in installing six doggie pots, along with Regional Review reporter Phil Orlandella. They are in contact with City parks personnel to get the go-ahead to put in the doggie pots.

For 2010, the committee has set four new goals:

  1. Resident compliance with the Recycling & Cleanliness Initiative (incl. businesses)
  2. Clean sidewalks AND gutters
  3. Solutions for limiting the time trash in on the streets
  4. Make sure recycling is picked up

The committee discussed at length the proposal by Councilor LaMattina to have trash placement in the morning-only, between the hours of 6:00 am and 9:00 am.  The immediate challenge for the City is getting the Capitol contract changed. Some attendees believed that compliance would be limited with such a program. Some asked about jobs, like nursing, where there are early morning shifts. The majority of the attendees were in favor of the proposal, but recognized some challenges for certain residents that might need to be accommodated.

Click here to view the North End Cleanliness Sheet (pdf).

The next Clean Streets meeting is February 16, 2010.