Health & Environment

“10 Minutes with a Broom”

From the Clean Streets committee of NEWRA:

We all want a cleaner North End and Waterfront. To achieve this goal, we all need to work together to keep our sidewalks and gutters clean. We are asking all business owners and residents to join us in our “10 Minutes with a Broom” campaign and commit to making sure every day that the sidewalk and gutters outside your property are free of trash and cigarette butts.

If you would like to join in and be part of our neighborhood campaign, please sign up by emailing: (include your name and street address).
You can also get your neighbors involved using this sign-up sheet and give it to a Clean Street committee member at a meeting.
More information is available at the Clean Streets section of
Below is the list of neighbors and businesses that have already signed up for “10 Minutes with a Broom.”

Thank you for signing up for a cleaner North End/Waterfront neighborhood!

800 Flowers
Aaron Michlewitz
Alba Produce
Al Dente
Artsmosphere Gallery
Boston Crosstown
Caffe Dello Sport
Caffe Vittoria
Caffee Paradiso
Carol Fabiano
Che Bella Vita
Chris Nebons
Craig Hughes
Daid Roderick
David Archer
David Veo
De Pasquale Ventures
Dennis Estes, Jr.
Florentine Cafe
Forbes Dewey
Galleria Umberto
Going Bananas
Green Cross Pharmacy
High Gear Jewelry
Ivan Kousidis
Jane Mead
Jennifer Genelli
Jimmy Scapicchio
June Olson
Katie & Chris Kulikoski
Karol C. Sierra-Yanez
La Dolce Vita
La Famiglia Spagnuolo
Loretta Daley
Lulu’s Bakery
Marie Simboli
Mariners House
Martini’s News
Matt Conti
Matt Dixon
Michele Topor
Mike’s Pastry
Mother Anna’s
Nahas Shoes
Nonno’s Market
Oh Naturale
Pagliuca’s Restaurant
Parziale Bakery
Paul Revere House
Peter Baldassari
Piccolo Venezia
Prince Postale
Richard Tronaghors
Robert Colleamen
Romano Florist
Salon 26
Salon D’emilio
Sandra Caso
Sol Optics
Shake the Tree
Spotless Cleaners
Stephen Passacantilli
Sulmona Meat Market
The Conah Store
The Wine Bottega
True Value Hardware
Volle Nolle