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Governor Signs “Green Ticket” Bill Into Law

Governor Deval Patrick signed the Green Ticket bill into law bringing new trash disposal compliance mechanisms closer to reality. Currently, if the city wants to issue a citation to property owner for a trash violation they have no authority to collect on the fines they hand out. With the ‘Green Ticket Bill’ these unpaid citations are added to the violator’s property tax bill at the end of the year. Boston is expected to “opt-in” to the program once procedures for issuance and appeals are determined.
State Representative Aaron Michlewitz said, “This provision will be an effective tool in keeping our streets clean.” Rep. Michlewitz made the bill the subject of his maiden speechin the State House of Representatives. District 1 City Councilor Sal LaMattina also strongly supported the effort.
NEWRA’s Clean Streets committee
 believes the passage will improve the cleanliness of the streets of the North End. Their letter supporting the bill contends, “Trash violations are a constant problem in the neighborhood and they have numerous repercussions ranging from odor and rat infestation to germs, blight, and to the creation of an unlivable environment. If a property owner violates city ordinances and contributes to the blight of a neighborhood, they should be held accountable. This legislation helps improve the quality of life of residents.”

It is estimated that only 45% of current green tickets have been paid, leaving more than $5 million of revenue due to the State since 2006

Ross Levanto blogs from Beacon Hill about the signing of the bill.