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Boston Police Increase Visibility and Offer Helpful Holiday Safety Tips


Boston Police Offer Helpful Holiday Safety Tips

Today Boston Police announce that they have increased patrols in popular holiday shopping areas as a proactive public safety measure throughout the busy holiday season. Patrols include holiday walking beats, directed patrols and additional coordination with specialized units and plain-clothes officers.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can easily create a distraction for people. However, during this festive time, it is important to pay special attention to the things going on around you. The holiday season is considered peak season for burglars, pickpockets and shoplifters.

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Boston Police Expand BPDNews.com Into “Virtual Community”

Boston Police Crusier With BPDNews.com LogoBPDNews.com has been expanded to incorporate the full menu of police tools open to the community. The new features include:

* Crimereports.com  – This crime-mapping tool allows community members to visit a user-friendly website and quickly access public safety information specific to the selected neighborhood. (Note: Click the “Crime” option on the menu at the top of this page to see this tool relevant to the North End/Waterfront.)

  * Citizenobserver
– This community e-alert system allows residents
    to sign up to receive texts and emails from their local district
    on important public safety information and alerts distributed by
    their district Community Service Officer.

  * Neighbors for Neighbors.com
– This is a local neighborhood-based
    social networking site for people to connect and organize around
    common interests. NorthEndWaterfront.com has a group on this site which you can join here.

  * Twitter – The BPD is one of the first police departments in the
    country to make use of the latest social media sensation, Twitter.
    Here community members can sign up to receive frequent tweets on
    important public safety information ranging from road closures to
    motor vehicle accidents and much more.

  * Text-A-Tip – The Boston Police is the first police department in
    the country to utilize text messaging to allow community members
    to send information anonymously to our CrimeStoppers Unit.

  * Call The Cops – This is the department’s weekly cable show where
    we strive to use that time to offer community members safety tips
    and a recap of weekly events. We also try to use this opportunity
    to personalize a specific unit within the department for people at
    home. In other words, we might do a “Meet the Harbor Patrol”
    segment or something on a K-9 officer – what it takes and how you
    become one, etc.

The new BPDNews is our effort to bring all of these groundbreaking Virtual Community initiatives together in one place. In the days and months ahead you will see changes to the site that will reflect our commitment to using technology to inform the citizens of Boston, to enhance communication at the District and neighborhood level and to extend our efforts to use new technology to promote and implement our mission of community policing.

*BPDNews.com– The Boston Police Department’s Virtual Community*

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September 2009 Crime Stats Show Improvement

North End crime statistics for September 2009 show the third consecutive month of improvement, according to Boston Police. With 16 incidents of larceny and 5 assaults, the total of 21 incidents is 5 fewer than last year. Year-to-date, there were 198 reported incidents which is slightly lower than last year. Assaults and larceny are two Read More…

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Loud Party Advisory Sheet & Police Contacts

Following up on the recent Public Safety meeting, the Boston Police distributed two documents for residents: 1 – Loud Party Advisory Sheet 2 – Boston Police District A-1 Contact Information As part of the process that Boston Police use in dealing with loud party disturbances, an advisory sheet gets delivered as a warning to the Read More…

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Guest Commentary on Public Safety Meeting

I was gratified to see a standing-room-only turnout at the recent NEWNC Public Safety Committee meeting. State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, City Councilman Sal LaMattina, Neighborhood Coordinator Nicole Leo and John Nucci from Suffolk University were among those who attended to engage with the neighborhood over concerns of late-night noise raised by recent Boston Globe coverage. Read More…

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Lawsuit Filed Over Hanover Street Incident From March 2009

The North End’s Hanover Street was the location described in Michael O’Brien’s lawsuit filed last week against police officers when his pal hit a double-parked BMW. The March 2009 incident spiraled out of control when O’Brien tried to record the officers who alledgedly responded with excessive force. The following is an excerpt of the complaint via Universal Hub. The BPD and City of Boston have not yet responded to the complaint. The Globe also reported on the lawsuit in this article.



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“Pipe Down Please” – New Motorcycle Noise Reduction Program

Boston Police unveiled a new voluntary program to reduce motorcycle noise on North End streets, called “Pipe Down Please.” The Boston initiative is mirrored after a successful program in Golden, Colorado named “Silence is Golden.” The police will be handing out cards requesting cooperation from bikers on the neighborhood’s residential streets. Police intend to initially Read More…

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Weekly North End Police Log – August 27, 2009

Notable incidents from this week’s Boston Police Journal Log: Vandalism – 08/22/09 12:30pm Victim reports on Salem Street that an unknown person scratched the trunk and passenger side of his 2008 Mercedes E350. Larceny in a Building – 08/23/09  9:00pm-11:50pm Victim reports his lapyop was stolen from the lobby of a Parmenter st. building. Read Read More…