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North End Crime Roundup & Weekly Police Log

Here is a roundup of incidents and updates discussed with Boston Police at the North End’s September 2009 Public Safety meeting.

Flasher Update
The Police gave an update on the investigation of the “Flasher Incident” that happened on August 15th on Unity Street where a man tapped a woman on on the shoulder and exposed himself. They are not classifying it as a sexual assault, although that unit is doing the investigation.

At this time, the Police do not believe the case is related to the sexual assaults on women reported in the Spring of this year. The Police have returned to every night walking beats including staffing nights when the regular officer is off duty. Unmarked patrol cars have also been circling the area on a regular basis. The sketch of the offender is shown to the right and anyone with information should call the Police immediately.

Armed Robbery at Bova’s Bakery
On August 29th, police were doing a regular detail around Bova’s Bakery on Salem Street at 1:30 am. A man approached Sgt Earl saying he and others were robbed of food and credit cards by another man that was armed. Sgt Earl approached the other man who reached for something. Sgt Earl drew his firearm. The man claimed he was unarmed, but a search found a gun. The suspect was arrested for armed robbery and possession of a handgun without a permit.

Stolen Property Arrest
A case of receiving stolen property occurred on September 1st at 3:18 am near the corner of Salem and Cooper Streets. A white male was inspecting a bag of goods while a marked police car drove by and asked the man what he was doing. The man was sweating profusely, said he had no I.D., missed his train and was recently released from prison. Upon inspection, the bag contained stolen GPS and other electronic accessories.

On August 27th around 3:30 pm on Salem Street, a group of males broke the victim’s car window and then assaulted him by hitting him across the head. The group was yelling that he didn’t belong in the neighborhood. The Police have transferred the case to community disorders as a possible race issue.

Vagrant Stealing From Church Boxes
Residents reported that a vagrant has been stealing money from church boxes at St. Leonard’s on Hanover Street and Sacred Heart in North Square. The vagrant is often seen at the church during mass, panhandling for money from parishioners. Father Antonio has had to close St. Leonard’s when it is not in use because there is no guard or staff.

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