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Lawsuit Filed Over Hanover Street Incident From March 2009

The North End’s Hanover Street was the location described in Michael O’Brien’s lawsuit filed last week against police officers when his pal hit a double-parked BMW. The March 2009 incident spiraled out of control when O’Brien tried to record the officers who allegedly responded with excessive force. The following is an excerpt of the complaint via Universal Hub. The BPD and City of Boston have not yet responded to the complaint. The Globe also reported on the lawsuit in this article.



Read the entire complaint here.

2 Replies to “Lawsuit Filed Over Hanover Street Incident From March 2009

  1. Complaints are always dangerous to read in the absence of an answer from the defendant. Suffice it to say that the suit will be fun to watch. Matt, I hope you’ll keep us updated with any updates.

  2. I wonder what restaurant/bar they were patronizing. I look forward to reading the City’s answer. If there is any credibility to this claim, it would be absolutely disgusting that a man was beaten by police who are acting in our name.

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